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Between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016:

We received 347 compliments about our staff and services - we now have a Knowledge and Feedback team which supports the Feedback Co-ordinator to make sure we have captured and responded to every bit of feedback and learnt from what we have received

We have introduced Arena surveys which ask our customers directly about their experiences with our services. These take place in a much more timely way so that the information is more relevant and we can get to work on things that need improving, straight away
You can give feedback in lots of ways, which include:
  • On our website here
  • By email to
  • By phone on 01494 476100
  • In writing or face-to-face at our head office –

    Windsor Court, Frederick Place,
    Kingsmead Business Park,
    High Wycombe,
    Bucks, HP11 1JU
During the year, we had a record 3 consecutive months where we received more positive compliments than we did negative complaints – through encouraging our staff and volunteers to note down any feedback we get, we have a more accurate view of the things our customers have experienced which means we can really drill down into each area and make improvements

We have carried out a staggering 1,724 surveys with the help of our volunteers – who talk to other customers and get genuine feedback. We’ve noted this to be much more valuable than traditional methods of surveys. Typically, the original STAR survey that was conducted gave us a 26% response rate, but the new Arena surveys gives an average of 39%. They are carried out directly after a customer’s experience, so the information is fresh and current which means we have a greater opportunity to make things better as a result

We have dramatically increased the speed at which we not only capture meaningful feedback but share it with our staff and contractors, which means they can act on it in real time and make changes where necessary to avoid further problems. Being able to do this not only improves our services but gives customers the reassurance that they are at the heart of our services and we are continuously trying to do better. Regular meetings with our contractors to go through information, details and learnings are also proving really successful

We will be:

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) that will record all of the interactions we have with our customers so that logging communication is much more accurate, which in turn will give us better knowledge of the reasons our customers get in touch and more importantly, give us a platform to see trends and themes so that we can act on them

We want to encourage our customers to find out information for themselves so they take more responsibility for their homes and learn to access what they need online. We’re going to be building a new platform that will not only allow our staff to have all the information at their fingertips that help them answer questions, but in the future give customers access to the same system

Feedback gives us the intelligence to remove waste from processes, find new and more efficient ways of doing things and avoids duplication that is sometimes costly

This year we have invested in staff and resources to create useful video and graphical content which in the future will assist with this and allow both our staff and customers to see how we have learnt from the feedback we have received in the past, both negative and positive

Alan Butler – (Tenant Volunteer):

“Feedback, both positive and negative is really helpful to Red Kite as it helps them to know what they are doing well and to make changes to improve things where they aren’t performing. I have been involved as a volunteer with Red Kite helping to collect feedback by carrying out phone surveys since 2011. I have found it most enjoyable and have received some very good feedback when talking directly to residents myself as well as some feedback that has resulted in Red Kite making changes to the way it does things. I feel the service I give as a volunteer is very valuable and that by being involved and meeting staff, I have helped to achieve a great deal by keeping contractor's on the right track in keeping with the good service Red Kite provide.”

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