About Red Kite
Between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016:

We owned 5,911 tenanted and 633 leasehold homes

We had these types of homes available:

No. of Bedrooms No. of Tenanted Homes
Bedsits 228
1 Bedroom 2155
2 Bedrooms 1407
3 Bedrooms 2070
4 Bedrooms 47
5 Bedrooms 4
7 Bedrooms 1
8 Bedrooms 1

We had 29 sheltered housing schemes across the district for people aged 60 and over
There were 15 places on our Board – 6 for tenants and 1 for a leaseholder

We had 133 members of staff (6 of these are fixed term contracts and 7 are agency workers) and 78 volunteers

Over the last year we have continued to focus on delivering thousands of improvements that were promised, in the run up to the end of our first five years – by the end of 31st March 2016, we had completed 97% of what we had planned, which was a total of 11,473 improvements!

As a community organisation, we are truly tenant-led, which means that our tenants and leaseholders inspire and influence the design, delivery and outcome of everything we do, in lots of different ways

122 of our customers had chosen to become Red Kite members so that they have the right to vote on key decisions and the make-up of our Board, making a total of 740 members!

We made great improvements in some of our back-office processes and technology which has made our systems easier to use and quicker for us to access

We’ve significantly improved the way we use data about our homes and services through smart technology such as the Geographical Information System (GIS) that improves the speed in which we can respond to customer enquiries, as well as making intelligent decisions

We started our unique High Flyer programme that saw a new graduate start work with us, spending time with each area of the business to get a great understanding of our organisation – they will be on the programme for two years so that we can develop their talent and help plan their future with us as a leader

We launched a brand new website that is helping customers self-serve and use more online services to manage their homes – we’ve had great feedback about the new design and improved navigation. In the first five months alone, the number of page views increased by 11%, the average number of pages visited per

Sharing our exciting corporate journey to outline our focus for the future and our plans after we have delivered our promises, in terms of the following priorities:
  • Building thriving communities - The services we provide and sponsor will inspire and improve the lives of our customers by creating opportunities, increasing independence and supporting social enterprises
  • Knowing our customers - We will know what our customers want and we will deliver personalised services in a way that they choose. Our services will reflect our culture and values and do exactly what our customers expect
  • Inspiring people - We will have really amazing talented staff and volunteers working for us and others waiting to join us
  • Providing great homes - We will have new homes available for people in our local communities, with choices that make the best use of the properties and land available to us. We will provide a greater range of options for our customers to rent, lease or own a home

Since day one and up until April 2016, we have reduced our costs by 11%. Despite the loss of rent restructuring, the RPI formula and additional 1% rent reduction, we have made more than £30million worth of savings in our Business Plan by delivering all of our promises under budget – this will really help to support building new homes

Our Board is responsible for having a clear picture of the way we spend our money and use resources, making sure that we deliver the best quality which offers great value for money

Performance monitoring reports are provided to the Board and to your Customer and Community Insight Group each quarter so they can keep track of our approach to Value for Money

We have a Value for Money Strategy and Action Plan that helps us share best practice with our teams so that everyone has a focus on getting the most out of the money we spend.

Jennie Ferrigno, Chairman of Red Kite’s Board

“Another year of immense change has come and gone, yet it has also been one of great achievement. A time of challenge and opportunity lies ahead. But in the midst of all the uncertainty there are important constants that we must not forget. Firstly, why we are in business and what we are here to do. We are here to realise the potential in our communities. We remain a community-based provider of homes and services; a business that knows and understands its customers, communities and local stakeholders. In particular, we will continue to provide homes to rent for those for whom alternative housing options are either unaffordable or unavailable.

Secondly, how we go about our business. We are and will remain a tenant-led business. We will continue to provide the means for tenants and leaseholders to shape our direction and determine what type of organisation we are and will be. Our focus now, more important than ever after the clear voting by millions on the EU referendum, is to listen to and articulate the views of our customers and not to adopt a ‘we know best’ approach or embrace government policy without challenge. And we will remain true to our values of partnership, respect, pride and creativity.

Thirdly, we are a successful business. We have completed another impressive year. We are on the verge of completing the delivery of the promises made to tenants five years ago, ahead of schedule, within cost and to the satisfaction of our customers. We have invested in social enterprise, creating training opportunities for young people; we have begun a fundamental shift towards delivering services digitally; we have reduced both rent arrears and the length of time it takes us to re-let empty homes; and we have reduced our annual management costs by £3,800,000.