Between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016:

Following the successful procurement of our Repairs and Empty Homes contract, we started working with our new contractor, Axis Europe, during July 2015. Axis demonstrated immediate improvement with the delivery of our repairs service and our customers were quick to respond positively. We went through a detailed and honest discussion to make sure we selected the right contractor. This was a welcome change in how customers felt about our repairs service, after experiencing a prolonged time of challenging performance from our previous contractor. We have been open and transparent about the difficulties we faced previously when it came to repairs, so the great performance of Axis is a testament to our customers who were involved in the process of procuring our new contractor, and we are now seeing a much improved service

Axis has maintained a consistent level of performance and we are working hard to improve things even further. A Service Plan has been put in place to clearly set out the direction, results and performance we expect to see in the future

Repairs can be reported in the following ways:

We achieved 100% compliance with gas servicing, asbestos management, water treatment, fire management, door entry systems, stair lift maintenance, emergency lighting, fire alarms and electrical inspections

Spent an average of £96 per repair

We review your feedback much more thoroughly and learn from it. Changes that we have made because of feedback has now lead to a record number of months where we had more positive feedback than negative

Our volunteers carried out phone surveys with fellow customers who have had a repair, to better understand the experiences you have and how to learn from them

We will be:
  • Considering our future approach to delivering the repairs service, including the possibility of bringing repairs in-house so that we fully own and manage this vital area of service
  • Continuing to work closely with our repairs contractor, supporting them to deliver improved performance for our customers and in the spirit of achieving value for money

We have improved our post inspection process (where we visit a home after improvements or repairs work has been carried out), checking more work in line with our stated policy so that we do more, for less

We have maintained a low average repair cost for day to day works

Working with Axis we have delivered improved ways of working that ultimately mean better customer satisfaction – the fact that our offices are located on the same business park means that we can speak to them straight away to resolve issues and we have a much closer relationship so have better sight and an understanding of each other’s needs

Brenda O’Carroll – Tenant Volunteer on our Repairs and Empty Homes Group

“I joined the volunteering team in November 2015. Initially it was more out of curiosity as I wanted to know how things worked. Having attended various meetings I was invited to join the Repairs and Empty Homes Group, among others. It turned out to be a good move as it is interesting and at times very lively. Not only do I see how everything works but I have the opportunity to put forward my opinions along with my fellow volunteers. We meet the people and contractors responsible for maintaining the homes we live in and are able to ask questions. Importantly, we put forward the thoughts and feelings of residents who sometimes, rightly or wrongly, feel they are not included in decisions which affect their day to day living. I would recommend that anyone with a few hours to spare each month and is interested in having a voice about where they live, should contact the volunteering team and have a chat about what they can do”.

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