Home and community improvements
Between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016:

We invested more than £538,000 in the installation of wet rooms, stair lifts, and minor aids and adaptations to support tenants living in their homes

Work Number completed
Shower/wet room 124
Bathroom adaptations 32
Stairlift 13
Ramp/Thresholds 16
Door entry/handsets 0
Kitchen apaptations 10
Hard standing 0
Other 71
Total 266

We upgraded 26 fire doors to improve the safety of our homes

We’ve made significant progress with many of our promises, especially when it comes to those that see improvements to our homes. We have carried out even more external over-cladding to some of our non-traditional constructed homes. We have also been successful in receiving grant funding to support this work which has greatly improved the energy efficiency of homes and substantially reduced fuel bills for our customers. The comfort of homes has also been hugely improved as a result of this work, with excellent feedback received from customers who have benefited from these improvements

We have continued to work positively with all of our contractors to deliver a large and varied annual programme of improvements which has resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction

We will be:
  • Continuing to deliver work in line with our investment plan, which will see us deliver all of the original promises on time and under budget
  • Further developing Keystone (our system that helps to manage all our homes and other properties), and continuing to accurately maintain all property records
  • Further adjusting our staff structure to make sure that resources match the future work programmes.
Throughout all of the work and major projects, we have continued to secure savings on procurement that have allowed us to do other investment work that otherwise would not have happened. We had done this through:

  • Mini bidding projects where relevant, to secure the most competitive rates using our framework of contractors
  • Applying for a grant to support the delivery of work programmes where available
  • Regularly reviewing the products that we use to make sure that we get the best value and most competitive rates
  • Continuing to develop Keystone, (our system that helps to manage all our homes and other properties), to accurately forecast future replacement and investment
  • Reviewing the way our Property team works and altering its structure to deliver improved skills and management arrangements.

Steve Morton (Tenant)

“I sustained my injury as a result of tomfoolery in the summer of 1994 and after a year of rehabilitation was released into my adapted accommodation. Red Kite took ownership of the accommodation a couple of years ago and this year they decided it was time for my flat to be re-vamped.

The Occupational Therapist team helped to see that my requirements were met. The lowered sink was discarded because I never used it and my carer had to stoop to use it.

The work was carried out to a high standard and the kitchen and bathroom are beautiful! There was minimum disruption to our routine and the workmen were very co-operative. Thank you Red Kite”.

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