Choosing our partners
Between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016:

All of the major contracts we awarded were shaped and chosen by your fellow customers on our Procurement Group:
  • Repairs and maintenance – in July 2015, it was announced that Axis Europe had been appointed as our new repairs and maintenance contractor for a contract worth approximately £5m
  • External works to roads and footways owned by us – a framework of six contractors, the majority being Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s), was procured for our external work to roads and paths
  • Playground inspections and maintenance – our current supplier, ARD Playgrounds, was successful in the re-tender of this key inspection and maintenance service
  • Customer satisfaction surveys - Arena Partnership Ltd was successful in winning a contract to introduce a new method of measuring customer satisfaction levels in a way that will provide a whole picture of the customer experience and make it easier for us to act on feedback
  • Foxes Piece balcony and external works – this important refurbishment contract was awarded to Keepmoat
  • Grounds maintenance – following a contract review and performance assessment, the Procurement Group approved a two year extension of this contract to John O’Connor.

  • Selecting new contracts that focus on quality while considering costs
  • Increasing the number of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in our supply chain
  • Recruiting four new members to the Procurement Group, who have worked alongside current members, learning from their skills and experience
  • Our Procurement Group is made up of customers who have had extensive training to make sure they consider contracts thoroughly and in line with good governance, to help them make great decisions on future partners that we work with

  • Over the next year we will build on our successful procurement to make sure we get the right contractor at the best price to deliver our requirements. For example, we will be procuring two new contracts for telephony, and structural engineer and principal designer consultancy services that are expected to deliver savings of £60,000 a year (adding up to £240,000 over the terms of the contracts)
  • We will continue to use different procurement methods, including accessing buying consortiums and procurement frameworks, to make sure we achieve the best costs that continue to meet our requirements

With the Procurement Group designing contracts and selecting new contractors, we can make sure that quality is the priority, while looking at cost to make sure it’s fair and the best use of our money

By using your feedback to help shape our services, we are able to give you services that are closer to what you need and not what we think you may need.

Angie West (Tenant Volunteer and Procurement Group member)

“Being part of the Procurement Group offers a real opportunity for people who live in Red Kite homes to take an active part in contributing to the planning, quality, price, standard, monitoring and terms of work being offered by contractors.  Members of the Group bring a range of skills, knowledge, and experience to the Group, and work to make sure that promises to maintain/improve/sustain Red Kite properties are delivered.  Red Kite is an innovative, forward-thinking company, with the interests of tenants and leaseholders at the heart of the business.  It’s refreshing to be a part of that.

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