Antisocial behaviour
Between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016:

The top four causes of antisocial behaviour (ASB) were:
  • Noise
  • Neighbour disputes
  • Verbal Abuse / Harassment / Intimidation / Threatening behaviour
  • Litter
Mediation has continued to prove an effective way of improving relationships between neighbours and people who come into regular contact with each other. Last year we referred ten antisocial behaviour cases to mediation services

We continue to use low level actions like warning letters, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, Good Neighbour Agreements and Notices of Seeking Possession. Low level actions are effective as perpetrators of ASB are made aware that this could lead to tenancy enforcement actions being taken
When we deal with antisocial behaviour, we are always looking for the best outcome for everyone involved, so the number of notices and orders we issue contribute to the positive outcome we are working towards – there is no good or bad number of notices and orders

We spent more than £60,000 dealing with antisocial behaviour (ASB), mostly on taking legal action against those who have committed serious ASB

Antisocial behaviour can be reported 24 hours a day through our website and our Red Kite app (available on the App store and Google Play)

We have a dedicated team who manage antisocial behaviour and are available to support you and your communities to work towards solutions for behaviour that affects you. The new IT system we introduced is helping us deliver a more effective ASB service.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for antisocial behaviour and work with affected tenants to improve situations as much as we can.

We changed the way we receive feedback by using a new system that gives us a much more detailed overview of people’s experience and which is helping us learn from ASB cases and the way we manage similar cases

We carried out a record five ASB evictions

Whilst introducing Fixed Term Tenancies, we took the opportunity to strengthen our ASB clauses
We will be:

Investing in surveillance technology to capture evidence of serious antisocial behaviour

Continuing to work closely with our partner agencies (Wycombe District Council and Thames Valley Police) and other local organisations to tackle ASB and help affected families

Utilising the recent legislation changes and our new tenancy conditions to take an even more robust approach to ASB.

By investing in surveillance technology we can identify those responsible for antisocial behaviour, particularly fly tipping more easily and take action to stop it happening again.

Continuing to support mediation services which are a low cost solution to resolving neighbour problems

Anonymous customer:

“We would like to take this opportunity to record our appreciation and gratitude to Red Kite in dealing with the matter of noise nuisance we experienced for over three years. I feel compelled to say that the way in which Red Kite have dealt with this matter has been exemplary and thoroughly efficient from day one. Although it has taken a seemingly endless time to have the issue resolved, Red Kite have been extremely helpful throughout, never once did we feel they dismissed our grief or doubted us in any way; they have shown continual courtesy and responsiveness to us in this extremely distressing situation and we will be forever grateful to them”.

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